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Welcome! My name is Jose. Design? How did I get into it? Well very random actually. I came across an app editor on Instagram. I was amazed at what he was accomplishing with just apps. So I decided to send him a message one day. He gave me some insight on what I needed in order to do what he was doing. Months later my Instagram page grew! I was having a blast with these apps, so I told my dad about what i was doing. I asked him for a macbook pro one day because I wanted to start using Photoshop. Ever since then I went through phases of different types of art like: helmet concepts, uniform concepts, "edits" and more. I started to gain mass amounts of followers on Instagram and I was ecstatic. Then I started to wonder how can I make this a job? A career? So I came up with the idea of creating this website and wanted to build my portfolio.